The Girl

When I feel tired and mad in a very beautiful life, I began to write. This is my first online diary. I just share what I know and what I experienced. All flow away like water. This is my life and this is my choice. You pick and I’ve also pick, so don't judge my writing because this is my effort, not your business!

Hi pals! I’m Indonesian girl. I’m 16 yo. I love my life. I’m proud to be me. I was a dreamer. I love stupid things. I laughed out loud. I love joking. Having a sense of humor. I like to smile. I do all with my friends and my happy family. I love them so damn! I’m not so tall, fat, I’m beautiful in my way. Maybe I’m weird and moronic, but I was only there one.not for sale(if you know what I mean) and limited editions. Well, I like to write. Writing is one way to express my emotion. Writing is not complicated. Just pour what we think or feel. So, what makes you puzzled when you started writing?

I am not you, you're not him and he is not me. Be yourself, please! 

Lots of love,
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editor: Iza

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