Thursday, June 27, 2013

Carl and Ellie Love Story

Carl and Ellie Love Story

Carl found Ellie in this unique home.

Ellie show Carl where Carl's balloon located.

Ellie show Carl "My Adventure Book". Its content is the story when Ellie was in paradise falls and Carl promised to bring Ellie there, one way or another ..

Time comes .. Carl and Ellie getting married!

Carl brings Ellie into the house first. And stay there .....

Homes that have faces made by Carl and Ellie

I saw the cloud! (Ellie)

willing to always exist in each condition

Wearing a tie, actually not that hard .. (Carl)

Carl and Ellie dreamed of bringing them home to paradise falls!

Carl and Ellie mailbox



We're happy

Everyday with you

Yeah, I love you..

I love you, Ellie. Love you so much ... (Carl)

Our Moments.. (Carl and Ellie)

This will always I remember, Ellie (Carl)

I Just Love You.. Not Others. I love you .. Till I Die. Yes, I Swear!

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Anonymous said...

I love that story.